Christian Nolle

I'm Christian Nolle — a digital strategist and product manager with more than 20 years of experience.

Digital Strategist

I help shape products and define their market positioning to reach the right audience, drawing from real-world experience.

Product Manager

I work closely with clients to develop their products, from UX design through to launch and beyond, all based on the needs of real people.

Digital Designer

I am a well-versed digital designer with deep experience across a multitude of platforms and applications.

Front-end Developer

I have developed numerous projects and acquired knowledge of the latest technologies while maintaining a keen focus on accessibility.

Types of projects

  • Data Visualisations

  • Apps

  • Campaigns

  • Portfolios

  • Editorial sites

  • E-commerce

  • Membership systems

  • Interactive Maps

  • Platforms

I have managed all sorts of digital project from inception through design and development and beyond and helped foster close collaboration between departments and ensure that projects were delivered on time and on budget.

Worked with


I oversaw the digital strategy and managed design and development for the Islamic version of the World Bank, Islamic Development Bank.

I worked closely with the founders John and Francis Sorrell to develop the site for their educational charity, the National Saturday Club.

I helped launch and develop one of South-East Asia most influential editorial platforms, Sarawak Report.

I helped On the Edge, a charity that works to increase awareness about endangered animals, to reposition their primary web platform to be more inline with their output, resulting in an innovative editorial platform.

I collaborated with UBS to develop a rich editorial site with articles and film provided by world-class media agencies such as Monocle, Vanity Fair and Vice.

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