Christian Nolle

Daydreaming the flying Machine


Airplanes are built from a million parts and assembled to perfection. Their size and shape dictated by economics and aerodynamics. Whether out of focus or a speck in the distance, they remain universally recognised. It may have lost its brand identity and their exacting details but we can still admire them for what they are, complex machines, and blurring their details allows us to dream of where they can take us.

Limited Edition Poster

A limited edition poster with a screen printed photo on one side. The other side of the poster displays a list of all arrivals and departures out of Heathrow in one day. A legend/key is displayed enabling you to decode this data. A juxtaposition between blurry eyed daydreaming and the rawness of the condensed information.

Handmade book

Hand made book, 40 pages. The book included photos from this project and early photos from Hinterland of Heathrow. Two sizes were made, 'Economy' and 'Business'. Some pages were overlaid with text indicating various technical terms such as the runway name and wind direction on the day.